Many sole practitioners and small law firms cannot afford to turn away clients, but they reach a point where it is difficult to carry a large client load while meeting client expectations of fast turnaround times and high quality work. Additionally, many firms offer Wills and Power of Attorney drafting services, although that is not the lawyers’ area of expertise. TGT Law is pleased to offer freelance services to sole practitioners and law firms anywhere in Ontario; we work with our clients to meet their clients’ needs in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner in all of TGT Law’s practice areas. This relationship lends itself particularly well to the area of Will and Powers of Attorney drafting.

How the Process Works

If you choose to retain TGT Law for freelance work, you can expect the following process:

  • We will meet virtually to determine the scope of your needs. We will negotiate fees for services and sign a retainer agreement laying out the nature of services to be provided;
  • We will provide you with wording to use in the retainer agreements between you and your clients. Pursuant to the rules laid out by the Law Society of Ontario, the nature of the relationship between TGT Law and your firm must be disclosed to your client, and TGT Law’s fees should appear on your invoice to your client as a disbursement;
  • TGT Law will not enter into a freelance agreement with a sole practitioner or firm that does not already practice in the area of law for which we are providing services. You must ensure that you are able to provide your client with appropriate legal advice. TGT Law’s role is to work with you to lessen your workload and ease time constraints;
  • At the outset of the retainer, TGT Law will review your client intake questionnaire, and we will agree on what information is required in order for TGT Law to draft documents on your behalf. TGT Law is happy to use our own precedents or your precedents, pending the approval of both parties;
  • Upon receipt of the required intake information, TGT Law will draft the necessary documents based on your instructions;
  • In the case of Wills and Power of Attorney files, TGT Law will provide: drafts of Wills and Powers of Attorney in Word and PDF (PDFs marked “draft” so that they can be sent to your client immediately), draft Affidavit(s) of Execution, draft Direction for Powers of Attorney, draft reporting letter to your client(s), and our invoice. Any missing client information will be highlighted for your ease of reference.



Being appointed as an Estate Trustee (also commonly referred to as an “Executor/Executrix”) comes with many responsibilities, which can often be overwhelming and confusing. This is particularly true if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one. TGT Law is proud to offer compassionate, efficient, and experienced legal assistance to Estate Trustees.

How the Process Works

If you choose to retain TGT Law to assist you with estate administration, you can expect the following process:

  • Together, we will determine the nature and scope of your needs. TGT Law assists clients with everything from obtaining a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (formerly known as “probate”), realizing estate assets, completing estate accounting, to performing interim and final distributions of the estate;
  • We will draft a retainer agreement that outlines the scope of services you require from us that we will both sign. Some clients want us to handle all legal aspects of the estate administration; some clients only want assistance during specific steps in the process. We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you require;
  • At every milestone of the estate administration process we will report to you, advising of what has been done and what remains to be done;
  • At the end of our involvement in the process, we will provide you with a final report and invoice.



You spend your lifetime accumulating your wealth and doing everything you can to ensure the security of your family. Having a valid Will and Powers of Attorney in place provides you with the peace of knowing that your affairs are in order, no matter what happens. TGT Law works alongside our clients to draft clear, concise documents that reflect their priorities and best interests.

How the Process Works

If you choose to retain TGT Law to draft your Will and Powers of Attorney, you can expect the following process:

  • We will provide you with an intake questionnaire and ask you to review and complete it before our first meeting;
  • We will arrange to meet with you virtually;
  • During the first meeting, we will review the questionnaire with you, determine the nature of billing (flat rate or hourly billing), review our retainer agreement with you, and work with you to determine your drafting instructions;
  • We will draft documents based on the information gathered in the first meeting and provide you with the drafts for your review;
  • You will provide feedback on the drafts, and we will edit the documents until we both arrive at final documents that accurately reflect your needs;
  • We will meet with you virtually once again to sign the documents.
  • After the final meeting we will send you your original documents, a reporting letter, and a final invoice.